Cruising Loire Waterways

Imagine being with family or friends and spend a magical week sailing the wonderful valley of the river Loire. Legendary castles, beautiful scenery, vineyards, orchards, inns, and plenty of adventure. Cruises on the Loire River are one of the best to mainland Europe.

Although each of us at the mention of the term “cruising” thought of the great ocean luxury vessels, this term has an entirely different meaning in the magical France. This country, rich in history, tradition, gastronomy beautiful and fascinating architecture, preserves cruising tradition on European soil.

Cruising Loire Waterways

Loire River is world famous for the Loire valley, which abounds with perhaps the most beautiful castles in the world. Long ago, the famous Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned by the French king Francis I to help the progress of royal France with his ideas. Many of them have gone into oblivion, but the one that merge the Loire River with the royal residences and above all with the river Seine which runs through Paris, made inventions that are still valuable. Leonardo invented the river channels – one of today’s France beauties. Channels are spread all across the country, but those who run alongside the Loire are known for their natural beauty.

Today, cruise the canals are considered a memorable experience and a number of agencies and private companies offer tourists yachts renting and several days enjoying the romantic voyages.
Fans of fishing get a temporary fishing license to enjoy fishing, and if you love duck hunting and during the hunting seasons, you are in a temporary permit for these sports entertainment. The price of these licenses is symbolic, but it is much more expensive than equipment rental.
On average, a week can sail about 36 hours, which would help for a period of seven days allowed to go up to 180 kilometers. This pace of cruising leaves a lot of time for pleasant walks, while most time is losing on pass through the gate.
If you are in doubt about their sailing routes, are available well-known route – the ones that will visit great vineyards and beautiful castles, and even the route intended only for lovers of champagne, or families that are looking for common cycling.

Anyone who decides to rent a boat gets to the details submitted in the manner in which the yacht sails and how to manage it. Guests pass through a short and sufficient training one hour, after which they are totally prepared to sail. The training is very simple, and the operation of the ship is even easier. Most attention is paid on learning how to read maps, management of the radio station and navigator.
Some companies rent boats with all the little things that mean a pleasant sailing. Crowded from refrigerators to bicycles, these boats are real luxury on the river. However, it is customary to prepare themselves for guests staying on a yacht, while the dishes are available in quite decently equipped kitchens. Ships have blankets, linens, tools, maps, brochures, and of course – welcome champagne. Monthly rent of a ship ranges from 300 Euros for 7 days and up. Do I need to point out that the price applies to the ship, not the number of people? A family of four in this way can enjoy a weeklong stay in an extraordinary variety of beautiful locations Loire Valley.



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