France is the most popular tourist country, and Bangkok’s most visited city in the world

A guest post by Marie from Luxury Loire Gites

France is the most popular tourist destination in the world in 2012, in which stayed away most foreign visitors, while the capital of Thailand – Bangkok’s most visited city, according to research by the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations.

83 million foreign tourists and guests stayed in France last year, 17 million more than the total population of this European country. The conducted analysis revealed that France was not only interesting in its Mediterranean beaches and resorts, and winter ski resorts, but its interior and cities, especially Paris.

France - Most visited country for 2012

In France stayed approximately 16 million tourists more than in the United States, the second most popular destination, or 17 million more than in Spain and China who share third and fourth. Italy is the fifth destination in the world, by the number of tourists that last year were in the Mediterranean country.

As a sixth tourist destination is Turkey with 35.7 million foreign tourists and guests, followed by Germany, UK with around 30 million tourists, Malaysia and Russia, with 25.7 million visitors climb as tenth most popular destination.

In the second half of the list of top 20 tourist countries, in attendance last year, were Austria, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Mexico, Thailand, Canada and Greece, with 17 million foreign tourists, about seven million more than the number of sets out its inhabitants . At the bottom of this list are Poland, Saudi Arabia, mostly because going on a pilgrimage of Muslims around the world and Macau city-state known for its gambling industry.

Research by the World Tourism Organization showed that Bangkok with 15.98 million tourists last year was the most visited city in the world. Behind him, with only 20 thousand people less,  is the British capital London, where last year stayed 15.96 million foreigners. The top five most popular tourist cities are Paris, third, with 13.9 million visitors and Singapore and New York.

In the most visited country – France, tourists spent 53.6 billion dollars or any of the guests, on average, spent 646 dollars, while in the U.S. 67 million visitors spent 126 billion dollars or 1883 dollars every tourist.


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