Meet the beautiful French castle Chambord

One of the most beautiful Loire Valley chateaux and known as the “garden of France” – Chambord castle is famous for the perfect and unique French Renaissance architecture.

The castle was built during the reign of King Francois I, and the purpose of the construction was actually King to be close to his mistress. Later King used the castle as his resort when he went hunting. The idea for the design and construction of the castle arose from meeting of the king and Leonardo da Vinci, who worked for him on several projects simultaneously. Unfortunately Leonardo da Vinci died in the period before the construction of the castle, and the plans he had drawn, were later taken as the basis for construction.

Leonardo da Vinci stairs Chambord chateaux

Although the palace itself is an amazing sight, though his fame owes both architectural wonders stairs and balcony. In the center of the castle, stairs are in the form of a double helix and definitely an unusual idea, especially for that time. Of course, most experts believe that it was designed exactly by Leonardo da Vinci. These parallel scales are designed in such a way that allow two people to climb up and down at the same time without ever meet.

Bedroom of King Francoa I

What is perhaps most attractive to visitors is the fact that they are allowed to see most of the rooms, including the bedroom of King. The moment that any lover of history of French romances should not miss is the engraved message on Francois bed, which says:

Every woman is fickle, and the one that believe in woman is a fool.

Terrace, apparently inspired by Italian architecture, has a huge space, incredibly furnished, where the royal family passed most of the time. From here, they observed the arrival and departure of the hunters, military exercises, and various festivals, parties and competitions that were organized in endless court.

Chambord castle

Francois I did not live to see the castle completed, he died in 1547, and then the building was still under construction. His son Henry II continued his work and finally Louis XV completed monumental building of 440 rooms. Of course it is impossible not to mention the park, which is located in the castle and which today is the largest national park in the world. Covering an area of ​​incredible 52, 61 km 2, but only 6,07 km 2 open to visitors. Cosson River flowing before the court and its direction is deliberately changed by the channels.


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