London – the best city for business in Europe

London - the best place for business

This is guest post by Islington estate agents.

London – City of the red double-decker buses (not for long!) Rate of “Big Ben” and the guards at Buckingham Palace, was named best city for doing business in Europe through the last analysis “monitor European cities.”
This prestigious award comes due to the fact that there has unrestricted access to other important world markets, skilled labor, linkage with the rest of the world and a favorable climate for doing business. Behind Frankfurt and Paris, this slowly speeds to the top.
Its geographical position allows him to be in a time zone that matches the office hours of the countries involved in 99% of world GDP. The average income per family in the city is the highest in Europe – probably due to the fact that about 28 millionaires live in the city, far more than any other city in Europe.
Business in London is easier to start, the tax system is a breakthrough, there is available and skilled workforce. The world’s leading financial institutions have offices in London, making it one of the world’s major financial centers.
In addition to this, the five London airports have direct flights to 530 international destinations. London “Heathrow” is Europe’s biggest and the most frequent airport with nearly 65 million passengers annually, which would mean that 125 passengers every minute arriving or departing from it!
Offices of the BBC, CNN, “Financial Times“, “Reuters”, “Associated Press”, “Economist” and the representative of the “Bloomberg” Europe is located in London, which has grown into a center of all major media.
One third of the world’s largest companies have their headquarters in London, while the 191 members of the United Nations, even 175 have their embassies in London.
London’s Olympic city, in 1948 was held the first Summer Olympics since the Second World War. At the moment, the city accelerated breathing with the rhythm of the preparation for the next Olympics in 2012, which means that now intensively built and repaired infrastructure to accommodate the Olympians and the visitors to this global event.
Lastly, do not forget that London is a microcosm of the planet – with more than 300 languages spoken there, and statistics says that one in four Londoners born outside the UK.


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