Amboise Royal – Beautiful chateau to visit

Amboise Royal
Castle of Amboise (Amboise) is one of the architectural masterpieces not only in France but perhaps in the world and definitely a place to visit on your Loire valley holiday. Set in the realm of medieval castles in the Loire River valley to its left side, Amboise is one of the most interesting and popular tourist attractions in this part of central France. The castle is located next to the town, which is a popular tourist center, famous for its house-museum of Leonardo da Vinci in which he lived in the last 3 years of his life.
Historical texts refer to the fort site Amboise in the middle of the 6th century. Around the early 12th century the castle functions as an impressive fief of the Counts of Anjou.

In 1231 the fortress was declared part of the royal domain of Charles VII. From that moment, Amboise became a royal residence. It is born heir to the King – Charles VIII.

He started an ambitious reconstruction of Amboise. The project, which had a ruler was spectacular and need stable finances.Β To provide money for the construction of the palace the king raised the tax on salt. Delighted Florentine ambassadors say Amboise looks more like a palace than a castle. According to the plans submitted, the area planned by the royal residence had to expand significantly.

The site of the medieval fortress now raises rectangular decorative architectural ensemble in trapezoidal shape. It is divided into three yards: Chief of the King’s apartments, south apartments are “Virtue” (named after the statue of the Seven Virtues at the gates) set for the Queen, and in the western part of the complex on a high plateau – a third court. The most interesting architectural innovations are the two circular swirling towers (Minimes Tower and Tower Heurtault).

In the decoration of Amboise initially prevail French style and later enriched supply of Flemish elements. After the return of Charles VIII of military campaigns in 1495, in the complex appeared Italian decorative elements.
The castle is richly furnished with the finest furniture, tapestries from Flanders, with carpets and draperies from the Orient.
Gardens of Amboise were rebuilt and expanded by the famous Italian gardener Pacello da Mercogliano.
Construction works of the transformation of the castle in residence worthy of the King were suddenly interrupted by a tragic accident.

Today walk in Amboise is a favorite pastime of many Frenchmen. The place is very quiet, and definitely has a lot to offer.
Turbulent history through the ages, accompanied by amazing pieces of art. Today part of the authentic furniture in the castle is preserved along with amazing tapestries that adorn the walls of most rooms.


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